So I've decided to do something amazing which I am SO excited about ...

It's called

The Journal Project

and I need YOUR help!

Working with some local women's shelters and outreach programs, I want to distribute new journals, pens and badass entrepreneurial women's words of wisdom aka note YOU have written with your daily mantras, affirmations, abundance and mindset prompts, beautiful inspirational thoughts and the like in it. 


Recently, I thought I'd lost one of my journals and I was thinking about what would happen if somebody found it. I was actually freaking out. BUT once I did locate it and read through it, I started wishing that it had been lost and that someone in need HAD found it because it was basically a pocketbook of motivation. I mentioned this in an instagram post and a lot of other women in my community felt the same thing.

So - this is basically what The Journal Project is all about > taking the highlights and elevating nuggets of gold from our own journaling and passing it on to another beautiful soul along with the tools to begin their own journaling journey.


I've reached out to the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth Inc. who support about 20 women between the ages of 16 and 25 each month and they want IN. They have also suggested a number of other programs who might also like to get involved. The universe is the limit.


I know it's not as basic needs essential as housing, food, water and clothing BUT I know that the power of journaling and mindset work can make a massive difference to any situation. It's changed my world completely over the last few years and is why I have had the confidence to launch my side hustle and pursue my dreams. How incredible would it be to start that journey of self development and mindset growth in women that may have never otherwise been shown the power and strength that could be harnessed from looking within? Our old journals don't need to just sit there gathering dust - they can instead be the source of inspiration for a catalyst for change. They and you can start that spark of growth in a new wave of women.

Here's how to get involved:

Bundle up a new journal, pen and a letter or note full of inspiration with your favourite mantras, affirmations, motivational words and wisdom from your own journals and/or an amazing mindset book that you've read/some crystals/something else empowering) and message me to get involved!


Plus - add a card from YOU to whoever will be blessed with it with your social media handles and why you choose to get involved. Let's get excited about starting a chain reaction of empowerment!! I can't wait to let you know when we are ready to distribute the first month!


PS. Tag me on social media and your Instastories when you're getting your bundle ready and sending it off! @thisjessalewis #thejournalproject 

Note: Parcels must be less than 22kg in weight and no more than 105cm in any dimension. Also, 

fair warning, we will check over the journals prior to distributing and may take photos to spread this message and project around the world.

Reach out if you have any questions at