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"My life completely pivoted 2 years ago. I had lived in a very reactive state my entire life and hadn’t truly allowed myself to set intentions, a vision for my future or work toward what I truly desired because I had had super low self worth and was in a self protection bubble. 


What this meant at a practical level was that I didn’t set goals that I was passionate about or that I was ever going to take practical steps towards because I couldn’t not..."

Pages 34 and 35, read via the link below!


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In this episode, I'm chatting to Jessa Lewis, who is a Mindset and Strategy Business Coach, Podcaster and Writer. Jessa didn't always believe she had the right DNA to become an entrepreneur, but after delving deep into her own personal and spiritual development, she has set herself on a mission to help the next million inspired entrepreneurs to light up online, go amplify and, have a lot of fun along the way! 


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Episode 29: How Jessa overcame pregnancy loss, managed Motherhood and built a business with Hashimoto’s

Four years ago, Jessa Lewis was pregnant with her daughter when she received a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Autoimmune Hypothyroidism Disorder. Her body was attacking her thyroid and threatening the pregnancy, as it likely had with two prior miscarriages. Now, she juggles her disorder alongside two earth side toddlers and a thriving online business.


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MINDFUL LIVING // Rogue Mindz Episode 5 with Jessa Lewis


In our final video for 2019 - Jessa teaches how to use intuition in our business for true and genuine change and success. But tune in in 2020 for more exciting, inspiring and aspirational interviews just for YOU!

This was my first ever video interview and damn was I nervous but Montse was amazing and it was such a please to do this! Check out the link below and let us know what you think! x


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"When I first started my online business, This Jessa Lewis, I only had about $100 to put into it and I could have easily let this stop me from moving forward with the side hustle. 

People I had spoken to often spouted off a range of figures with respect to what capital you needed to launch an online business. You 'needed' money for the website, the shopfront etc. etc. Fortunately I also had a good many mentors reminding me that I didn't 'need' anything ..."

Pages 28 and 29, read via the link below!


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"When we were young, we would go to the playground and just be ourselves. We would dance like we wanted, we would say whatever we felt like saying and we didn’t have any concerns about whether someone was going to take offence, be rude or get the wrong impression. But then as we grew up, things were said, comments were made, judgements thrown around and we start to show up as lesser versions of ourselves ... "

Pages 31 and 32, read via the link below!


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"A few years ago Jessa didn’t believe she could be an entrepreneur. Falling into the comparison trap, she felt like there was something wrong with her. Unlike the women she saw around her chasing the hustle and building business empires online, Jessa felt unmotivated, flakey and all over the place.

Like most of us, Jessa struggled daily with anxiety and personal confidence. The old imposter syndrome crept to the surface asking what the hell she was doing… and it still does. But thanks to some epic self-care and awareness strategies Jessa is working through it and running one hell of an online business - This Is Jessa Lewis ..."


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My latest addition to the E-Bubble Life E-Magazine is out in the August edition on pages 37 and 38.

I'm dropping my wisdom all around The Art of Playing and Working Online Safely in line with the magazine's theme of the month around Tech Awareness!


Check out the magazine via the link below and let me know your thoughts!




Not long before I officially finished up at my last job and went all in on my side hustle and social media/online growth strategy business This Jessa Lewis - I did this amazing interview.


We dove into so many valuable topics and dropped a LOT of wisdom around structuring your content from flow, why allowing all elements of yourself into your business is a fantastic thing to do and about how spirituality and mindset get to intertwine with and support your business vision. And much more!


Let me know what you think and be sure to review/subscribe to the beautiful Deborah Sorensen and Carol Campos' incredible podcast!

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I was so blessed do a super revealing podcast interview with none other than Jessica Palmer for her podcast Practically Spiritual. Jessica is a personal development specialist, NLP and time line therapist, business and life coach and so much more!


I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think of the topics we get stuck into with this interview (link below) and especially her hard hitting final four questions at the end (this woman does not hold back on the intense subjects!).

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Ahhhhh OMG I am a published writer! So excited about this contribution to the beautiful E-Bubble Life online magazine! Whooohooo!! Pop the champagne people and drink up on my behalf. 


Check out page 34 of the magazine linked below. I wrote all about How to Keep your Online Business Working (While you work out with your family) and spoke about some of the different ways to allow for flow in this area in your business and life. 


This is my first article of a number for this magazine and I will be a contributing author for them over the next 12 months! 



Super cool news ✨✨ I've been so blessed to be interviewed as part of a series called Unstoppable Mama Entrepreneurs by the beautiful Maggie Emerson, an entrepreneur, mama and new friend. She is also interviewing another 20 experts about doing all things in conjunction with life, business and motherhood!

I'm going to be diving into how to integrate all levels of your life with your online business!Check out all the varied and inspiring interviews (for a limited time only) via the link below!

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Doing this interview was such a rush!

With the one and only Erin May Henry of THE Gamer Changers Company, on her top rating podcast Game Changers. Erin is such a gorgeous soul and I had so much fun doing this interview and talking alllll about Organic Growth Strategies and Finding Yourself.


Check out Episode 42 below - ESPECIALLY if you're a mum or a side hustle (this one is geared for you) ->



My podcast episode on the amazing and fabulous Ruby Lee's (the face behind Ruby Lee - Own Your Hustle) podcast Own Your Hustle is hereeeeeeeee!!!!

Go check out episode 65 - How to Slay Social Media Whilst Side Hustling with ME Jessa Lewis.

I was so nervous before doing this episode but it was seriously just so fun and flow when we got started. We talked all things and you get to be a fly on the wall and hear it all!