7 days to break open to unlimited potential


Strength of mind and spirit that allows you to build onward and upward in life and business is in fact available to you - today. It’s available to all of us - regardless of what is happening now and regardless of what has happened to bring us to this point in this moment on this day.


3 years ago I began my spiritual and self development journey off the back of years of dimming my light, rebuking my gifts and playing down my potential in the world. I had experienced trauma and lost virtually all self worth as a teenager and young adult and, as a result didn’t think I deserved anymore than what was served up to me at any given time. 


I hid my daily anxiety from the world, I made do and I coasted along in sadness and denial by for over a decade.


Then 3 things happened: I had my earth side children, I went to work at an incredible and inspiring online company and, I picked up my first self development book and started my healing journey.


I can still remember flipping through those initial pages of this book which challenged all my limiting beliefs and stories around my own capacity and for the first time - ever - questioning what I had so firmly believed and limited in myself up until that point.


Growing up, I never saw myself as being entrepreneur worthy or having the entrepreneur gene. I hadn’t done any mindset work in my younger years, I never hustled or look at ingenious ways at making money or saw beyond the dogma of working 9-5. I was atrocious at finding work as a teenager and when I did - I worked crappy jobs where I was treated like a doormat or, I quit. More importantly I didn’t care about accumulating wealth or influence (and I believe this was very much tied into my privilege growing up as well as having serious worthINESS issues).


I firmly believed that everything that had happened to me was way beyond my control, I played into victim mentality and I didn’t see myself as being able to change the direction of my life trajectory. I was blind to my own power.


2017 hit and what began with one book avalanched into 3 years of healing, self development, spiritual and mindfulness work and a completely new Jessa emerged from the ashes.


I launched my business in 2019. I left my 9-5 Executive dream career 5 months later and went all in on my business. I became a published writer. I did photoshoots. I ran events, did workshops and masterclasses. I launched a top 50 ranking podcast. I worked with men and women around the world, helping them expand in their businesses and lives. I healed feminine and masculine wounds (and continue to work on these areas). I learnt dozens of new modalities to support my own mental health and shift out of daily anxiety. And I bring all of this to what I do today.


Today, I want to welcome you into what can also be the start of your own personal avalanche into a new you. Where you get to begin the process of peeling back the layers and discovering new potential and potency for yourself and your future - in life and or business.


Over 7 days we will be diving into 7 crucial areas that I found to be invaluable in my own journey:


Day 1. Challenging Your Stories: Inspiration and Motivational to help you see beyond the current reality.


DAY 2. Journaling: Live and breathe this method of bringing about self awareness, clarity, manifestation and inner channelling into your life.


DAY 3. Crystals and other Spiritual tools: Find out about external aspects that can be so beneficial when you are still learning to trust your own instinct. 


DAY 3. Meditation: Let’s talk about tuning in, talk to yourself, receive higher guidance and direction


DAY 4. Human Design & Astrology - Learn how you can get guidance on your emotions, shadow self, perceived personality and the best way to get motivated/work alongside those around you.


DAY 6. Cycle awareness - Lunar, Feminine and Masculine and Inner


DAY 7. Community and Expanders


With HEAL you will:


  • Be empowered to draw on a variety of self development tools to assist you in your continuing evolution as well as receiving my private recommended book list and playlists of music and podcasts.

  • Be supported with 10 days of Journaling prompts, affirmations and exercises

  • Receive of an introduction guide to crystals, spiritual terminology and common practices

  • Receive 2 downloadable and intentional meditations for HEAL Circle attendees

  • Have direction on mapping your human design and personal Moon, Sun and Rising signs

  • Receive a workbook on cycle awareness for men and women

  • Have the support of an amazing community in my free Wild Strategy Facebook Group on an ongoing basis.

  • Have the option of ongoing 1:1 support at a beautiful exclusive price.

I want to bring to this circle all of the tools and knowledge that allowed me to completely transform my life, my mindset, my vision and my availability to my future.

This is the circle that I wish had been available to me before I woke up.

I am limiting this space to 24 powerful people so if you're ready to dive in, if you want to unlock more and learn and elevate in a safe space. Save your seat via the button below and send me a private message here!


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