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Get ready to Amplify your online business


I'm also a Capricorn, Crystal and Moon Lover and Mother of two.

So gorgeous to have you here xxx


I have a passion for elevating the gifts, value and medicine of those around me so that together we can impact the world.

Your value rich content deserves to be seen, felt and heard by your future clients and they deserve to get that NOW.

I absolutely love coaching my clients on:

> Optimising their online platforms, reach and presence with my previous 2.5 year experience in a career as a Social Media/Business Manager, SEO and Platform Growth Specialist for a multi-million dollar online empire;

> Overcoming blocks, limitations and resistance with respect to finding the confidence and clarity to show up online and taking command;

> Developing a content strategy that comes from a place of ease and flow around their fluctuating energy, moods, cycles and the ever varying realities of life;

> Changing mindset through self development tools, journaling and the introduction of meditation and other modalities;

> Introducing rituals around their businesses and life;

> Solving tech blocks and barriers;

> Understanding the technical aspects, setting up and implementations of having an online businesses.

If you have been wanting to work with me 1:1 and have this on your to do list this year and want to optimise and elevate, enquire now as I am booking in a limited amount of clients now.


Here's how we will work together during the 3 months:

  • You will have 12 x 30 min weekly calls with action tasks

  • Monthly Business Amplification and Optimisation Overview

  • Individualised Business Planning Guidance

  • Resources, trainings and/or workbooks to support you with your focus areas

  • Unlimited voice messaging via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp

  • Access to any LIVE general access programs


If you are shouting YASSSS while reading this, then you are ready. I'm here for those that are ready to take action and elevate their businesses and their global impact.

On the 23rd of January 2019 I launched This Jessa Lewis whilst still working 40+ hours at my main hustle. 5 months later I went all in and now juggle my business (as well as conscious parenting when my toddlers aren't in daycare).


Since my launch date, I have 5x my own online following and changed the game for over 2 dozen clients, launched my first 7 day program, launched a monthly VIP club, become a published writer, been interviewed 5 times, starting my Wild Strategy podcast which has already had a peak rating of #46 in it's Australian category and started a free Wild Social Media Facebook Group which now has over 280 members. I also have a lot more in the works.

I am 100% dedicated to my mission to elevate those around me and to shine in all my wild woman power. Are you?

If you know you're a YES then you will have me supporting you in amplifying over the next 3 months.


I am here to give you the tools, knowledge and advice to get you to the next level.

Coaching is by application only to ensure we are a great fit for one another so, hit APPLY NOW to take action!