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Introducing my new program!!!


An 8 week Business Planning and Content Creation Course

I am so excited to bring this to life and help unlock the power of those around me and in my tribe by sharing my knowledge around business planning, content creation and indeed strategy from flow and in line with our primitive core and how we are cosmically effected.

Regardless of whether you identify as male or female, are drastically affected by the moon and planets in retrograde or not - this course will help you get the most out of all variations of your energy, moods and days when you are facing interruptions and business challenges or not.

As cyclical human beings, we perform best when we allow ourselves to move through life's rhythms and not when we expect ourselves to be in 100% hustle vibrant energy mode 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. It is normal and natural to have highs and lows and to be ready to show up and do everything in your business on one day and then be ready to throw in the towel on others.

So, considering this, how do we remain consistent in our beautiful online businesses and show up readily for our tribe and audience and allow growth and up levelling throughout our primal processes?

Each week in this course we will dive into a different aspect of learning with respect to being Astro and Cycle Conscious when we plan out our businesses and produce our heart felt messages.

  • How to take complimentary action and be aware of both the Male and Female Cycles - whichever is relevant

  • Harnessing the New Moon versus Full Moon energy and creating business and content rituals

  • Tools to assist with content creation and business planning that can guide, prompt, facilitate and tune in on your higher and physical knowledge

  • The back up plan when you're facing resistance or upheavals i.e. dealing with adverse planetary alignment, eclipses and solar flares

  • Content creation and business planning around Low/Scattered/High and Critical or Reflective energy through the moon cycles, inner cycles or other

  • Overcoming blocks to move forward and shine in your business with consideration to Astrogeography, Numerology and Chakras


As part of the course, you will also get access to:

  • A private Facebook Group for your intake

  • Weekly worksheets and videos

  • Weekly support in the Facebook Group from both myself and the other participants

  • A weekly scheduled 1:1 30 minute coaching call with me via Messenger Audio

Becoming aware of my own reactions to the universe and having the knowledge to now understand these has been instrumental in my business development over the last 7+ months. I didn't begin my spiritual journey until around 12 months ago and, only first started using crystals to assist with my emotions and intentions and learning about astrology in November 2018. I was instantly hooked. I could distinctly see the parallel between the movements of the cosmos with my own scattered and changing emotions and, finally understood how this had lent to many of my decisions or indecisions over the years.

With the January supermoon I was told to think about what I truly wanted especially in the next 6 months and think bigger than I ever had before. This was to be my defining year. That weekend I sat down to have a discussion with my husband that could have broken our marriage and I also emailed my boss and vocalised that I would like to start a side hustle alongside my lucrative and successful career (a decision that may have resulted in finishing up immediately).

I did these scary massive things with backing from the universe and I have continued to consider them in my business moving forward as well as diving into cycle awareness and additional spiritual knowledge and the opportunities we have for guidance and connection to flow there too!

When you're having an 'off' week there are still so many different ways you can contribute to showing up for your online presence whilst still honouring the fact that your energy is low or scattered or the full moon aftermath is affecting you or mercury is in retrograde or life is in your way and there are also a million different ways to shift through various aspects of these periods of time.


We get to dive into all of that.

In my past role I was a Social Media/Business Manager and Platform Growth/Search Engine Optimising specialist for around 2.5 years. I have continued to draw on this knowledge to compliment the direction my business and programs have gone and I love to show people how easy it is to show up online, actually get seen i.e. optimise their message and also do it from FLOW and EASE with consideration to what their body, mind and soul needs from week to week.

It also shows your tribe that you are also human as fuck when you allow a variety of emotions, angles and layers to come through and allows them to connect with you on that.

It's truly a beautiful thing when we are aware of astro and cycle influences and respect that with how we plan out our business and allow for content creation regardless of the niche, business line or type of soul led client we are attracting!

Mmmmmmm ... I am so excited to present with you this course and go through this with each of you!

Click the link below to head direct to PayPal to secure your place and submit your details below so I can send you your enrolment information!

ALSO, check this out - as an extra magical bonus, the first 3 sign ups are receiving an extra 1 hour strategy call (normally valued at $199) with me to deep dive into any element of their business where they want to increase their organic reach, maximise content or amplify presence. Draw on all my juicy optimising and technical wisdom!

PLUS guess what? To make this first launch extra incredible, I'm also giving y'all an Early Bird special with $100 off the full program cost if you sign up by midnight AEST of August 13.

Jump in below to secure your place as numbers will be limited and, message me on socials or send me a VM if you have any questions! x

Full program cost is $777


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