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Welcome to all the things I do and how we get to change your world together ...


Jessa works with her clients to amplify and embrace their own unique gifts, instincts and way of lighting up to the highest degree in all areas. If you're ready to dive into conversations and support around business, mindset, the moon, spirituality and periods - you've come to the right place!

In 2019 after 18 months of intensive self development, healing and self discovery, Jessa launched This Jessa Lewis. Prior to this, she had never thought of herself as being 'entrepreneur worthy' and had spent over a decade in a self protective bubble with daily anxiety, surrounded by limiting beliefs and disconnected from her own body and the world around.


She now works with women to harness the power of their menstrual cycle, and men to harness the power of their hormonal cycle and work alongside their nature. Just as we transform with our own inner cycles, so too do we transform with the cycles of our universe at a cellular level which is why she also incorporate lunar rituals into her work. These rituals allow us to observe within ourselves and our businesses what is already being brought to the surface and begin to see the patterns and opportunities to shed what needs to be shed or welcome in change for the better 


Jessa uses a variety of modalities including meditation, individualised journaling prompts and affirmations, astro/lunar and female/male cycle awareness, cards, essential oils, ceremonial cacao and, daily nurturing.

Having worked in Executive Business Management & Social Media for 2.5 years, Jessa provides a unique combination of online business knowledge and expertise with spirituality and intuition to meet clients at their place of alignment and provide strategies in integrity and tied to their unique purpose and vision.

Jessa is a Lightworker, a Capricorn Star, Aquarius Moon and Rising, Generator (Sacral Inner Authority), 2/4 Line, Enneagram 3 and Wealth Design Star.